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What is & How Can You Help

By Duncan Hamra, Co-Founder of Formatically LLC

thinking leftWe came up with this website while in high school a few years back. Our teachers talked endlessly about MLA, and at the time we were taking two english classes in college and high school.  It just so happened that on the exact same day, both teachers announced that, “Someone needs to invent a tool that does this stuff for you!”  That is pretty much when we made the decision to build this website. The initial plan was to build an MLA format template that would do everything in MLA automatically. The current site can format MLA cover pages, works cited pages, and essay pages automatically. Now that we’ve been working on it for some time we have resources for quoting sources in MLA as well as other MLA and writing topics which compliment the automatic tools on the site.

Why Did We Build It?

people statesEvery month, over 100,000 people search online for answers to their questions about MLA. We were some of those people when we were in high school, and that’s partially why we decided it was time to make some solutions of our own. We also love starting businesses with the goal of solving everyday problems. We know MLA isn’t the biggest problem in the world, but it sure is nice not having to deal with it anymore! 

How Did We Build It?

MLA format Template over the years

We built several websites over our last few years of high school, and our sites have evolved as we built more and more. This is the best website we’ve built so far, and we really hope it’ll help other students who have the same problems that we did!

Who Helped Us?

7Lots of people! We sought the help of professional writers, designers, and programmers often during the websites construction. Gregory Sherman is our main man who helped us to get off the ground. We did the orchestrating and hired the expertise to get things done right.

What is Our Goal?

Results of the MLA format templateWe want to save people’s time and grades. Teachers have a lot to teach and students have a lot to learn, and we want to lighten the load as much as possible. We were dual enrolled at the time of this sites introduction, so we know what its like to be busy. We had absolutely no desire to worry about the bells and whistles of MLA, so we built the first ever custom MLA template. Now, no one has to worry about MLA anymore.

You Can Help!

birdWe could really use your help! We are only going to succeed if people like you talk up the idea to your teachers and friends. It may not be perfect yet, but the more people you tell the more we will learn and more quickly Formatically can help others. MLA may not be the hardest thing in the world, but it sure is annoying! Share Formatically today and save your friends, teachers, and peers from wasting another second on MLA. We will be forever thankful for your support.

Spread the Word! (Please : ))

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